Shot and edited by Andrew Kaplowitz
Photos by Adam Dewey and Isle Sparks
Music by Jae Bass


Facial recognition software is notoriously inaccurate and racially biased. It has led to documented false of arrests of Black people in Detroit. Our communitiies deserve better! Read more and Sign the petition here.

We are building an archive of the movement for use by libraries and museums. Do you have anything that you'd be willing to donate to the collection? Contact DWB on social media to give! Seeking: Protest Signs, Art Builds, and Other Radical Artifacts.

Our Demands Priorities voted on at June 8 march

  1. Defund and demilitarize the police
  2. End Project Greenlight and facial recognition
  3. Drop all charges and citations received by protesters
  4. Do not carry out eviction orders
  5. Drop the uneven citations received by Detroiters during the stay at home order
  6. End "consensual" sex between Police Officers and those under custody (legally define all sex in custody as rape)
  7. Prosecute and fire any Police Officer involved in police brutality
  8. Do not criminalize homeless people
  9. Make Detroit a Sanctuary City
  10. Create an Independent Office for Disabled Citizens
  11. Restore and maintain running water for all Detroiters
  12. Release all non-violent offenses
  13. Residency requirement that all DPD officers live in Detroit
  14. No use of rubber bullets / military tactics
  15. Decriminalization of all recreational drugs
  16. Substantial investment for mental health and substance abuse victims
  17. Return residency requirement for DPD
  18. More punitive charges against officers who hide badges
  19. Duty to intervene for other officers
  20. Abolish foreclosures
  21. End police union funding of DA office
  22. End cash bail
  23. More accessible structures for police accountability
  24. Care for juveniles instead of jailing